My Amazing Team


Meet Our Team

OK I can't take all the credit for 'Rosalines Flowers' I am extremely lucky to have the best support team behind me. I hope you enjoy learning about my helpful lot. I am forever grateful for the farm and lifestyle I was lucky to grow up in and the family I was so lucky to be a part of,,, they are also VERY lucky to have me obviously!

Family business' rock!! Well that's what I think anyway..




Mum- Office Manager.
Meet my Mum, you may have received emails from her over the past few months? She keeps me on track in the office and is such an organizer.... she’s amazing and I feel so safe that Mum has everything under control! Not only does she jump in doing deliveries she’s a great support and takes most of the admin worry.... she loves a procedure it’s definitely her thing!!!!

Love you!








My two sisters (Older - Charlotte) (Younger - Millie)
Not sure what you do actually - joking. You are both amazing, and if I didn’t have you two to chew your ears off then... I would have to chat to my customers for even longer and they are probably bored of my voice. So thank you. ​






Dad- Inspiration giver
My Dadddddd! He’s an inspiration to all of us.... he might be grumpy at times but he’s still amazing. Always pointing us in the right direction with his forward thinking. When you are around Dad you start to believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it!
So I best get using mine... expectations and all that!!!










UJ - Joe

He has been truly amazing during these busy times!
New Job role: to help and support Rozz yes I need it! He’s absolutely amazing, Joe helps me foliage pick... shoves me in the Kramer bucket and he stays nice and warm in the cab! He decorates wreaths, keeps us on track with our wreath schedule, wires accessories, cleans the shop and is all round an absolute babe!
We couldn’t do it with out UJ so thank you!!!


GM Grandma

Grandma is great, she gets stuck in doing those jobs we all dread... bleaching buckets, tidying up my creative trail, ooooh suppling the amazing garden foliage and so much more. She’s got the patience of a saint so has been allocated the job of wiring whole dried fruits you may have had some in your kits already.... she loves it
Anyway thank Grandma for the amazing pre wired fruits.